Hi, fellow lurker

In late 2019 Intel decided to remove old drivers and BIOS updates from it's site.

Intel's decision is against the global IT community best interests and I decided to do my best to preserve this old but still valuable content. My gratitude and best wishes to the Reddit user -Archivist who scraped the content.

This site is a mirror of downloadmirror.intel.com with no descriptions provided. That means you should know what filename you're looking for. I hope I'd eventually find some time to make this site slightly more tolerable.

No adverts, no malware known to me, no plans to add any of that.

If you're about to volunteer in making this website slightly better (or for any other reasons), contact me at

500Mbit/s of bandwidth yet a single properly backed up HDD to serve the content. You're welcome to mirror, no limits imposed. The site isn't that popular.

For the oldtimers without new SSL the archive is also available via FTP protocol: ftp://oldinterdrivers.infocommunications.ru/

The contents (350GB) are also available as a Torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ab2341213861fd9af1a1f9628c094c2a894fa84c&dn=Intel_DriversNStuff

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