Intel® Matrix Storage Manager
Production Version
Release Notes

October 18, 2007

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Supported Operating Systems

    Microsoft  Windows  Vista*
    Microsoft  Windows  Vista x64 Edition*
    Microsoft  Windows  XP Home Edition*
    Microsoft  Windows  XP Professional*
    Microsoft  Windows  XP 64-bit Edition*
    Microsoft  Windows  Server 2003* ++
    Microsoft  Windows  Media Center Edition*

++  Not available on mobile platforms

Revision History


Driver Revision

Build Number

Oct. 18, 2007

Production Version



Known Issues

Known Issues in Production Version

Reference No 


Affected OS's



eSATA hard drive not visible in the "safely remove" operating system's system tray icon

Windows Vista/Windows Vista64/Windows XP/Windows XP64


Creation of a RAID0 volume fails when the disk used for creation is a spanned or dynamic disk

Windows Vista


Intel® Matrix Storage Console may stop responding during heavy I/O operations

Windows Vista/Windows Vista64


Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Events not being logged in Event Viewer

Windows XP/Windows Vista


eSATA hot plug may cause system to freeze during hard drive spin up

Windows Vista


Blue screen observed when installing Diskeeper 2007*

Windows Vista


Basic mode displays unknown port when 2 disks have smart errors

Windows XP



Creating recovery volumes in the option ROM while resuming from hibernation causes driver to hang

All OS’s



Creating volumes from blank disks in the option ROM while resuming from hibernation causes driver to hang

All OS’s



DB: Intel® Matrix Storage Console crashes when more than 16 localized character are entered for a recovery volume name

Windows XP


Both disks marked as recovery drive when only two disks are in the system

Windows XP


Blue screen may be observed when using the F6 install method on a platform with an Intel® 82801FBM I/O controller hub (ICH6M)

Windows XP



Intel® Matrix Storage Console does not allow creation of a matrix RAID configuration when the second volume is over 2TB

Windows Vista64


Installation performed by an Unprivileged User produces move data error

Windows XP/ Windows XP64


Installer generates error message that states "file copying not successful"

Windows Vista


Driver incorrectly marks Intel® Rapid Recover Technology volume as initialized, resulting in verification errors

Windows XP


Resolved Issues

Issues Resolved in Production Version

Reference No: 



 Affected OS's


RAID volume larger than 2TB is not seen in Microsoft Windows XP

User Interface

Windows XP


System CPU usage is high when running Intel® Matrix Storage Manager with RAID0 and RAID1 and a card reader


Windows Vista


Driver BSOD when running Futuremark PCMark05*


Windows Vista/ Windows XP


No option to mark a hot spare on systems with an Intel® 631xESB/632xESB I/O controller hub

User Interface

Windows Vista


Blue screen may be observed on entering S4 with >2 drives


Windows Vista 64